August 22

How To Be A Good Salesman How To Be A Good Salesman How To Be A Good Salesman

Dealing with clients can be tough. Especially if they are not aware of the need for your product. What can you do to close to sale anyway?

randy hereman

It happens...

You decide to walk away because the person doesn't have a need or is not product aware.

Some sales people may say:

"That means your sales game is WEAK!!!"

Truth is...

Only people with weak sales games would say that.

If you sell to the unsalable you spend a lot of time doing so...

After 6 hours of talking back and forward, debating on the terms (and 6 is short with some clients, even if you are the best salesmen in the world) you finally sold your $100 a month package to this person.

At the same time, you could have sold 6 packages to people who wanted to be sold too because your average closing rate is about 20-30 minutes with them. Add some time for finding the right people, suddenly you make 6 times more than when you tried to push your ego and proof to this guy that you are an amazing salesman.

An amazing sales man doesn't sell to the unsellable.

The internet is connected to over 2 billion people. Find the people eager to buy from you and sell them what they want.